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  • Weston Wing Preschool — Weston, MA

    Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare has been providing quality childcare and education since 1981 and is uniquely designed to support the needs of children from toddlerhood through Pre-Kindergarten. In each class, warm, experienced teachers encourage the development of appropriate skills through play and meaningful activities.

    Our preschool and childcare program is conveniently located at 313 North Ave (Rte 117) in Weston, MA. Weston Wing operates year round. We offer 10 and 12 month programs as well as a nine-week summer program.

  • At Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare, we actively support and encourage children’s natural curiosity. Our play-based curriculum is child initiated and emerges naturally from the interests of our students. It is created around the belief that a strong social, emotional and physical foundation will set the stage for a child’s future cognitive and academic success.


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    Young Toddler

     Young Toddler curriculum and activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate, child-initiated and encourage children to explore, engage, and experiment.


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    Older Toddler

    This program is designed to build on our Young Toddler program and provide nurturing routines and daily activities for older two’s and young threes.


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    Our preschool program is designed to focus on preschoolers’ expanding interest in their environment and on their rapidly developing social skills.


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    Pre-Kindergarten I

    This program for fours and fives is specifically designed to foster independence and social development, while promoting higher learning within the classroom.


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    Pre-Kindergarten II

    Pre-K II can help your child continue his/her development in an environment that supports the individuality of children while achieving milestones before entering Kindergarten.


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    Summer Program

    Imagination Summer Program at Weston Wing is a memorable way for families to kick off the summer season and focus on creative education and fun.


  • Our daughter has grown so much over her 2+ years at Weston Wing during the school year and the summer. The play-based learning model allows her to thrive among her peers, embrace her artistic and creative talents, and explore everything that the dynamic teachers make available to her and her classmates. Our daughter loves the music that her teachers play for the class and the weekly visits from Marilyn are one of the highlights of her week. The playground provides an open space for imaginative play and our daughter's class takes advantage of the outdoors in all seasons to combine fun and exercise in a variety of environments. The daily pictures that Sydney's teachers send us are the highlight of our day, as we get a glimpse of the fun and learning that she is experiencing when we are not with her. Our family cannot say enough about the incredible educators at Weston Wing and the care they show for our daughter each day, as they celebrate her strengths, encourage her in overcoming obstacles, and work with her as she develops relationships with her peers. Thank you again for everything.

    Nick, Jane, and Sydney Reynolds
    Weston Wing Toddler to TK Parent

  • I have only good things to say about Weston Wing and I encourage all the prospective parents to consider it. Laura loved all her teachers. She said they were “the best!” Jennifer and her co-teacher have been phenomenal. They are very creative, nurturing and enthusiastic. The playground is such a great space and resource for these kids. Out of the four different preschools that I have had experience with (for my three children), Weston Wing was the best. I like the individual approach to every child and the great teachers! We will miss it!

    Kinga Tomczak
    Weston Wing Young Toddler to Pre-K Parent

  • From the moment I stepped inside Weston Wing, it felt like home. From the bright, cheerful, and colorful classrooms, to the friendly and inviting teachers, everyone at Weston Wing made my family feel welcome. My experience with the each of the teachers and staff has been top notch. I marvel at the creativity and patience of my children's teachers on a daily basis. My family has made wonderful connections and friendships through the Weston Wing community, and I will be forever grateful that my children got to spend their young years growing and learning here.

    Amanda Thibodeau
    Weston Wing Toddler to TK Parent of Two