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Preschool in Weston MA


Preschool in Weston

Weston Wing’s 5,000 square foot facility houses six spacious classrooms. Each room contains age-appropriate furniture and toys, including areas for dress-up, art projects, reading/stories, gross motor manipulation and building. Snack and lunch, provided from home, are eaten in the classrooms as well. The building is fully air-conditioned for comfort all year round. 

Our park-like campus includes a half-acre playground. This naturally shaded expanse includes a large sand area as well as a huge wood carpeted area with climbers, swings, and a cedar play house.

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Top Preschools in Weston MA

The children plant and tend an organic garden. Seedlings are started in March and planted after the last frost. Children water, weed and pick their own vegetables and herbs. Our harvest is used for snacking and cooking. 

A large hill in the center of the yard gives children and opportunity to hike up the grass as well as go sledding during the winter months. We use these areas twelve months out of the year. 

Best Preschools in MA
Top Preschools in MA

And the children have a large bike riding area to practice their skills and strengthen large muscles. 

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