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At Weston Wing we offer our students a balanced, child-centered program where learning encompasses the whole child. In each classroom, our skilled teachers use play based curriculum that is directed by each child’s interests and natural curiosity with opportunities for exploration and adventure. Weston Wing’s staff is responsive to each child’s individual learning style, engaging and challenging them while providing opportunities for success. Building relationships with children and families is the foundation of our program.


Our Young Toddler Program is often the first step in a little one’s school life. Young Toddler curriculum and activities are designed to be
developmentally appropriate, child-initiated, and encourage children to explore, engage, and experiment. We structure our day with a gentle balance of individual, small, and large group experiences. Friendships are fostered, and children learn to participate in a group setting.


  • 15 months upon admission

  • Teacher/child ratio 1:4 with a maximum group size of 9

  • 2 to 5 day, part and full-time program schedule

Preschool Weston

Our Toddler Program provides nurturing routines and language rich daily activities. Our curriculum offers engaging and interactive classroom experiences that capture each child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn. Yellow Class contains age appropriate materials for daily art, sensory, music, language skills, creativity and outside time/large muscle play.

  • 2+ years upon admission

  • Teacher child/ratio 1:4 with a maximum group size of 9

  • 2 to 5 day, part and full-time program schedule

Preschool in Weston

Our preschool program is designed to focus on child’s expanding interest in their environment and on their rapidly developing social skills. Preschool children learn through hands on experiences using all of their senses. Children in Green Class are provided with predictable routines and free choice in all curriculum areas; art, music, math, language arts, science, dance, stories, songs, and cooperative games and ample outside time.

  • 2.9 years upon admission

  • Teacher/child ratio 1:8 with a maximum group size of 16

  • 3 to 5 day, part and full-time program schedule

Weston Preschool

Red Class is designed to foster independence and social development, while promoting higher learning. Teaching teams design a plan for each child based on individual strengths and challenges. Care is given to social/emotional and cognitive development and the fine/gross motor skills needed for kindergarten. Children will explore thematic units, express creativity through art and music, as well as take part in being an empathetic member of a classroom community. Large muscle play and games abound on our playground.


  • 3.9 years upon admission

  • Teacher/child ratio 1:10 with a maximum group size of 16

  • 4 and 5 day, part and full-time program schedule

Best Preschools near Weston MA

Weston Wing Pre-K II can provide your child with a warm, nurturing environment where he/she can experience a multi-sensory, play-based curriculum that will allow time for maturity and a small, personalized approach to readiness skills. Our curriculum addresses core values as well as the areas of language arts, number concepts, social studies, science, motor skills, and the arts. All students will have the opportunity to explore, manipulate, postulate, and play as individuals as well as members of small groups.


  • 4.9 years upon admission

  • Teacher/child ratio 1:10 with a maximum group size of 16

  • 5-day schedule part and full-time schedules

Pre K Weston

Our summer program for enrolled students is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the friendships that have developed over the school year. Weston Wing's nine-week summer program is divided into themed weekly sessions, enjoying outdoor water play, arts and crafts, creative free play, music, stories, and various enrichment activities.


All students must enroll for a minimum of 3 days per week and sign up for a minimum of four weeks. These weeks need not be consecutive. We offer part and full-time schedules.

Kids Summer Programs Weston MA
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