• Giving

  • Donate to Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare — Weston, MA

    Strong participation from our families shows confidence in our leadership and mission. Every gift, regardless of size, supports the ongoing success of our school and is critical in building a strong community for our children.

    Tuition covers only a portion of any non-profit center’s operating expenses. As such, Weston Wing depends on the support of our families as we improve and maintain our school facilities and further enrich our programs.

    Weston Wing educates children in a spacious facility with a terrific and enormous park-like playground. In the last few years, we’ve upgraded the playground with funds contributed by Weston Wing supporters. We are also grateful to our dedicated, creative, patient and playful team of educators. With your help we will continue improvements to the school building, further enhance the playground, provide professional development opportunities for our staff, purchase additional materials for our classrooms, provide special programming, and build our rainy day fund.