• Programs

  • Weston Wing offers a balanced, child-centered program where learning encompasses the whole child. In each classroom, our skilled teachers use play based curriculum that is directed by each child’s interests and natural curiosity with opportunities for exploration and adventure. Weston Wing’s staff is responsive to each child’s individual learning style, engaging and challenging them while providing opportunities for success.

    In addition to the many varied daily activities, a music and creative movement specialist visits regularly. Special Guests, such as the New England Aquarium, provide additional enriching experiences for the children.

    Our program adheres to the curriculum standards of the Massachusetts Department of Education and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

  • Young Toddler

    Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare — Young Toddler Program

    Our Young Toddler Program will re-open in September 2022. Young Toddler curriculum and activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate, child-initiated, and encourage children to explore, engage, and experiment. We structure our day with a gentle balance of individual, small, and large group experiences. Friendships are fostered, and children learn to participate in a group setting.

    • 18 months upon admission
    • Teacher/child ratio 1:4 with a maximum group size of 9
    • 2 to 5 day, part and full-time program schedule
  • Older Toddler

    Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare — Older Toddler Program

    Our Toddler Program provides nurturing routines and language rich daily activities. Our curriculum offers engaging and interactive classroom experiences that capture each child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn. Yellow Class contains age appropriate materials for daily art, sensory, music, language skills, creativity and outside time/large muscle play.

    • 2+ years upon admission
    • Teacher child/ratio 1:4 with a maximum group size of 9
    • 2 to 5 day, part and full-time program schedule
  • Preschool

    Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare — Preschool Program

    Our preschool program is designed to focus on preschoolers’ expanding interest in their environment and on their rapidly developing social skills. Preschool children learn through direct hands on experiences using all of their senses. Our curriculum presents a wide range of activities that include experiencing the interconnection of play and learning. In Green Class, we provide the children predictable routines and free choice in all curriculum areas; art, music, math, language arts, science, dance, stories, songs, and cooperative games and ample outside time.

    • 2.9 years upon admission
    • Teacher/child ratio 1:8 with a maximum group size of 16
    • 3 to 5 day, part and full-time program schedule
  • Pre-Kindergarten I

    Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare — Pre-Kindergarten Program

    Red Class is specifically designed to foster independence and social development, while promoting higher learning within the classroom. This unique curriculum allows teaching teams to design a plan for each child based on their individual strength’s and challenges. Special attention will be paid to emotional/social/cognitive development and the fine/gross motor skills needed for kindergarten. Children will also explore many thematic units, explore creative expression through several art forms and music, as well as take part in being an empathetic member of a classroom community. Large muscle play and games abound on our park like playground.

    • 3.9 years upon admission
    • Teacher/child ratio 1:10 with a maximum group size of 16
    • 4 and 5 day, part and full-time program schedule
  • Pre-Kindergarten II

    Weston Wing Preschool and Childcare — Transitional Program

    Does your child have a fall birthday and miss Kindergarten cut-off dates? Does your child have a summer birthday and would benefit from “The Gift of Time.” Do you want another year of daily interaction with the school community? Our Pre-Kindergarten II can help your child continue his/her development in an environment that supports the individuality of children while achieving milestones. Today’s Kindergarten has more structured academic time based on Common Core standards and less time for individualized, developmental instruction. Readiness for Kindergarten requires children to be socially and emotionally solid, able to be still and process group instruction for long periods of time, to be independent in self-help skills, and capable of functioning in a large group. Weston Wing Pre-K II can provide your child with a warm, nurturing environment where he/she can experience a multi-sensory, play-based curriculum that will allow time for maturity and a small, personalized approach to readiness skills. Our curriculum addresses core values as well as the areas of language arts, math and numeracy concepts, social studies, science, motor skills, and the arts. All students will have the opportunity to explore, manipulate, postulate, and play as individuals as well as members of small groups.

    • 4.9 years upon admission
    • Teacher/child ratio 1:10 with a maximum group size of 16
    • 5-day schedule part and full-time schedules