• Facility

  • Weston Wing’s 5,000 square foot facility houses six spacious classrooms. Each room contains age-appropriate furniture and toys, including areas for dress-up, art projects, reading/stories, gross motor manipulation and pretend play. Snack and lunch are eaten in the classrooms as well. The building is fully air-conditioned for comfort all year round.

    Our park-like campus includes a half-acre playground. This naturally shaded expanse includes a large sand area as well as a huge wood carpeted area with climbers, swings and other playground equipment. We have raised beds for summer gardening, a hill for sledding and a spacious grassy space for running through sprinklers, playing with the parachute or other adventures. Weston Wing also boasts a large paved area that is fenced off during the day for bikes and ride-on toys.

    Weston Wing is fortunate to have such a spacious area that multiple classrooms can be outside at the same time.  Outdoor play is an important part of each day; the children spend lots of time outside all year long.